Welcome to the Shapeshift Dance website detailing courses in
Dance, Movemet, Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms™ and Somatic Awareness with Dawn Morgan
and guest teachers.

Diving into Dance, begins 2nd May
At The Old Convent, Stroud

Dance Freedom for 9-15yr olds
at the The Old Convent, Stroud

Natural Ecstacy for 14-18yr olds
at the The Old Convent, Stroud

Evening Sessions
At the Lune Valley Movement Space, Lancashire

Sweat Lodges, 17th March & 19th May
At the Lune Valley Movement Space, Lancashire

Horse Odyssey
At Heartshore Stables, nr. Stroud

Dancing with Horses, Heartshore
Courses in 2016, Stroud

Thanks to the dancers!

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Dawn has been practicing the 5 Rhythms for almost 20 years. Having trained with Gabrielle Roth in America she is also qualified to teach the ‘Heartbeat’ level of this movement practice. She runs regular classes in Stroud, Birmingham and Bristol working nationally and internationally.

She weaves into her teaching the work of her many teachers. She is currently studying for an MA in Dance and Somatic Education at UCLA. Dawn recently trained to present The ‘Be the Change’ Symposium which raises awareness about environmental issues, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.

The 5 Rhythms are a beautiful dancing map of the movement of energy. The structure guides you through different ways of moving and offers you the freedom to discover and deepen your own dance. This is an invitation and an initiation into ecstatic dance. Come play in the waves of your own movement, feelings and dancing spirit. We meet with ourselves and others, shake up, wake up, and release what may be stuck, aligning ourselves with our natural vitality. We are a force of nature and Shapeshift 5 Rhythms dance is a beautiful way to remember ourselves.