Dawn Morgan:
I dance because I love the freedom, truth and wakefulness I find through movement, the sense of connection to all that I am, to others and to life itself. When I teach I offer my love of dance and enthusiasm for this practice. I have been dancing since 1991 and trained in 1994. My training continues, during 2005 I studied the Heartbeat map with Gabrielle (the founder of this practice), focusing on working with emotional energy. I have practiced Tantra for more than 10 years and bring the awareness of sexual energy to my work.

My appreciation to my students, peers, and teachers, to Gabrielle, Susannah & Ya’Acov and to Nick for their continued presence and inspiration. Also to my dear friends and family for being along side me in this sometimes challenging and always delightful journey.
Dawn Morgan

As well as teaching the workshops on this website, Dawn is available to DJ for and cheoreograph ceremonies for parties or any event that you would like to mark in a special way. Also available for individual, and small group movement sessions,with or without video feedback.

The 5 Rhythms™:
The 5 Rhythms are an invitation to dance, to embody and embrace our deepest most essential selves in a profoundly ordinary flesh and blood physical way. The practice at its most fundamental level  teaches the dancer to listen to, trust and  follow the wisdom of the body.

This dancing pathway as described by Gabrielle Roth is very accessible, everyone can participate fully, no dance background or special skills are required, rather the courage and willingness to step onto the dance floor and move with who and how you are moment to moment, movement to movement. You are called to approach movement with  curiosity,  to allow your dance to evolve with the natural artistry that is awakened when all aspects, body, heart, mind and dancing spirit are moving as one.
The 5 Rhythms guide the dancer through 5 different ways of moving, each rhythm is a gateway to aspects of your self, that you may be familiar with or may be little known. We all have ways of being that we are comfortable with, that ‘work’ for us. The Rhythms provide an opportunity to deepen these aspects and explore new possibilities in how we are in relationship to ourselves, others and our community, to become fluid in our ability to shapeshift and explore our full circle of options, to heal ourselves of old stories lodged in the body and arrive in the moment un fettered and remember our natural joyful ecstasy.   Just as our bodies are exercised so our creativity is sparked, our intuition awakened and  our imagination inspired.

The benefits include:
Improved physical fitness, flexability, tone, stamina.
Body awareness, self-confidence and self-acceptance
Exploration of relationship to self, to others and community
Social contact, meeting new people.
Creative emotional expression and release.
Anger management
Exploring boundaries, contact and choices.
Mind calming
Opportunity to play
Spiritual, prayerful, exploration
A reminder of lifes magic

Some information that might be useful for your first sessions (written by Sue Rickards)
This is a simple and potentially profound movement practice and you can't get it wrong. Or right, for that matter - it's a chance to explore for yourself and everyone is welcome, whatever limitations or experience you have.

Usually, though not always, there is time to arrive, when music is playing. Use this time for yourself, to stretch, move, let the journey here drop away. We all use this time differently, depending on what we need. It really helps if people don't chat - it can distract the people around from sinking into their practice - and you into yours.

Wearing socks on smooth floors, chewing gum, etc, can be dangerous, and it's a good idea to remove jewellery and watches, especially if they're sharp or may catch.

Then I or an invited teacher will begin guiding/following - a mixture of teaching the Rhythms and following the energy in the room. Sometimes sessions are easy and comfortable for some people and sometimes not. It all changes - from minute to minute and week to week. Begin to practice staying open to how you feel, whatever it is. Be responsible for the well-being of your body. Drink plenty of water.

I know it can seem unnerving/exciting when you first begin coming. Despite how it looks, not everybody knows everybody - though as time goes by this practice does catalyse our ability to be open and honest with ourselves and one another. There's no rush for anything. Take your time, go with what works for you. We're all different and that's to be honoured and celebrated.

People may be experimenting with being loud, big, bold, timid, intimate, self-contained. It's fine to move away from or towards someone - give yourself permission to experiment too - in your own way. Use your respect for other people and their process and expect respect for yours.

Everybody came for a first time. If you can, speak to someone (or two or three) at the end of the session, especially if you notice that you're feeling anything (shy, weird, exhilarated, etc). Ask questions, tell them how you are.

Welcome to this practice.