Be The Change

the earthWhere On Earth Are We Going?

And What Can We Do About It?

Two of the questions at the heart of the

Be The Change Symposium

The Symposium is a profound enquiry into a bold vision to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on earth. If you are ready to explore what this vision means for you, and the opportunity to create an inspiring future, we invite you to attend:

8 Woodside Stroud, GL5 1PW in the garden cabin
Sunday, June 13th, 10am-5pm
Tickets : £45 waged, £30 low waged, £20 unwaged
Bring lunch to share

For more details please contact Nicola Belle
tel: 01453 751 419 email:

To view a trailer and book online go to

be the change initiative

Love Dawn xxx